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Movies I like

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (POTC: COTBP)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (POTC: DMC)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (POTC: AWE)
...and a few to come...
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (POTC: DMTNT)
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 

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DI.fm Ambient
Pirates of the Caribbean, OST I, II, III

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Who be this scallywag

This salty old sea dog learned his pillaging and plundering on the shores of the mighty Pacific. I later paid me dues to Davy Jones in the Far East, in a place called Urayasu (home of Tokyo Disneyland), and then was spat out from the bowels of the Kraken and washed ashore back to the sands of the Puget Sound. I sail a small but proud vessel. I take no prisoners and give no quarter. And I love a good scare--All Hallow's Eve being me favourite nite of the year. Ye best steer clear of me pirate haunt, lest ye be trapped by the poor souls of Sailors' Grave!

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  1. Re-imagineering the skeletal helmsman

    03/24/09 00:29:02 | 1 Comments

    One element that had been missing from my pirate-themed yard haunt was a skeletal helmsman, as seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. I had extra bluckies (blow-molded skeletons) lying around, but I didn't have a nautical wheel, a motor, or the expertise on how to animate this prop.

    After scouring HalloweenForum.com, I came across several home-fashioned helmsman props and ideas on how to incorporate a windshield wiper motor to animate this prop.

    I started by...
  2. 2008 Pirate Yard Haunt

    11/06/08 20:44:32 | 0 Comments

    2008 was another resounding success with literally hundreds of trick-or-treaters and visitors to our pirate yard haunt. I again converted our front porch into a pirate vessel complete with a 10-foot mast, anchor, skelly bowsprit, two 8" cannons, and a "skeleton crew" of undead pirates. The theme of the haunt is "Dead Men Tell No Tales" in tribute to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. A pair of flaming skull torches near the street beckons guests to the...
  3. Pirates All

    09/23/08 22:20:58 | 0 Comments

    Raise the Jolly Roger high and heed the battle call;
    The pirate's code's our only law, for now we're pirates all!

    A draft of rum to quench our thirst, a raucous pirate song;
    Among this wicked, pirate crew, tis right where we belong!

    The sea is calm and no winds blow, but terror chills their bones;
    For none can save their vessel from the wrath of Davy Jones.

    When I was young I wished that I could be a pirate bold;
    Who never washed nor...

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Upcoming events

Journey to Tokyo Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean - TBA 2009
Rusty Scupper's Pirate Daze
(Westport, WA) - 26-28 June 2009
Seafair Pirates Landing (Seattle, WA) - 4 July 2009
Puget Sound Pirate Festival - TBA
Talk Like a Pirate Day - 19 September
All Hallows Eve Pirate Haunt - 31 October

Places to visit before yer keelhauled

Tokyo Disney Resort
Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean
Disneyland Resort Paris
Shin-Urayasu, Japan

POTC Trivia - 海盗之密

-POTC was originally conceived as a walk-through attraction.
-One working name for the attraction in the early stages was "Pirates of the Spanish Main."
-The only scene in POTC that was created as full mock-up was the auction scene.
-The "Take a Wench for a Bride" sign was created to justify the auctioning of women in the auction scene.
-Actual skeletons were used in the original grotto scenes because Imagineers were not satisfied with the quality of the faux skeletons. These were later replaced with plastic "bucky" skeletons.
-The "firewater" liquid "pouring" down the throat of the skeleton in the bar scene was achieved using a twisting piece of plastic.
-The portrait of the redheaded woman is a portrait of the redheaded woman being auctioned later in the ride after she has acclimated to a lifestyle with pirates many years later.
-The coat of arms in the treasure room at WDW reads "Marci Daviso", a tribute to Marc Davis.
-The painting protruding from the sack of treasure along the upramp is a reproduction of Peter Ustinov as Edward "Blackbeard" Teach in the Disney film Blackbeard's Ghost.
-POTC was never intended to be a part of Walt Disney World until guests complained about the missing attraction.
-Marc Davis originally conceived of a queue scene at Walt Disney World's POTC that included a pirate that would transform into a skeleton using the Pepper's Ghost effect.
-The captain's quarters was omitted from the haunted caverns in Tokyo Disneyland.
-The Chinese text in the AWE poster above the skull and crossbones is "傑克船長,祝你好運" and translates to "Good luck, Captain Jack".